Planning Ahead

By completing this simple form for planning ahead, you can easily get your wishes in writing. With many years of experience in death care, we understand that having a plan in place prior to a death occurring is beneficial. Once you complete this form, a copy of your responses will be forwarded back to you, and to our staff. Please contact us at 319-378-8187 with any questions.

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  • Private Family Good-Bye

  • Many families want to have one last moment to visit their pet after death, much like a visitation. When the companion passes, it can often be a family’s first experience with death. This gathering can help the entire family by supporting the grieving process and can be a valuable tool in explaining to children that death is a natural event in life. Our professionals are experienced in the proper care of companions to offer a dignified final good-bye.

  • Honor the Life

  • Grief is as unique as a fingerprint… or in our case, a nose print. There is no right or wrong way to mourn, but there is a difference between healthy grieving and unhealthy grieving. Acknowledging the loss of a loved one in an open and honest way, honoring that life that meant so much, helps to start us on the path to healthy grieving. Americans are becoming more sophisticated about the relationship between humans and animal companions. With this growing awareness comes the recognition that grieving the loss of a pet can be as painful, and in some cases more painful, than losing a human relative. Finding ways to ways to commemorate the love you and your pet shared is part of your grief journey.

  • Memorialization

  • If you have selected a private cremation, Companions For Life will return the cremated remains in a handcrafted wood urn that has the companion’s name on a foil label.

    Many families will select a more permanent and personalized urn to hold the cremated remains. Some of the highly personalized selections available offer the use of photos of the companion and engraved information. We also offer keepsakes that provide a personal memento to continue to honor their life.

    While many of our urn selections can be viewed at Memorial Products, if you have a specific wish or request you would like for us to find, please let us know.

  • Remembrances

  • We have created a special section of our website for families looking to memorialize their companion. This section called, Remembrances, offers pet parents to add a custom life story and a photo of their companion. Families may to also add information about any gathering or a suggestion for memorial donations. Friends and family may want to express their support, and a donation to an organization supporting pets in your companion’s name can be a wonderful way to honor your pet’s life and passing.

  • Thank you for completing this pre-planning form. The information that you have provided will help both you and our staff as we care for your companion.

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