Pet Remembrances

As death care professionals, we understand the impact that sharing your pet’s story can have. Not only does it allow you to honor and preserve the memory of your pet, it can provide tremendous therapeutic value to put your feelings into words. We are proud to offer this service to pet parents, as an extension of our continuous care to the communities we serve.

Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae was a heart sent to our family. She was sassy in her own way and always found cuddles and love from one of…
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Diesel Allen Lint

Diesel was not only my pet he was our family and we will forever miss his loving ways always giving us so much joy and…
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My boxer, my boy. My boyfriend at the time got him for me for my birthday and now he’s my husband. Clipse passed away almost…
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My wife started having seizures, and I don’t know how he knew she was going to have one but he knew, and would stay with…
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Create a Remembrance

If you have a story to tell that celebrates the life of a beloved pet, we’d like to share it with others. Please take a few minutes to share photos and create your own remembrance to share with family and friends about your companion, or page through our remembrance gallery to read some of the remembrances submitted by others.

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