I don’t really know where to start.. I am still devastated…I’ll start here. I one day took my garbage out to the dumpster behind my apt..I heard a faint sound,it started to get louder to where I could hear a kitten crying. I climed into the dumpster and started moving junk around till I found a small plstic bag with a very tiny kitten inside. I ripped it open to find a 2 week old kitten..his eyes were barly open…. took him to my apt went to the vet. He was put on IV fluids and baby formula 2 days later I brought him home and fed him with a eyedropper for 3 weeks..He became my ‘BUGS’ He was with me for a long time when he turned 3 my husband at the time called the Animal shelter while I was at work to pick Bugs and 2 other cats up as strays..I get home from work and I can’t find my cats,, Husband than tells me they are at the pound…I freaked called the pound( HIGH KILL) they informed me they had all 3 and 1 was gonna be pts the next day becuse he was unadoptable for his fear(BUGS) I went to shelter got ALL 3 cats back and left husband that day….From than on it has always been Bugs and I… He developed Feline Diabetes in 2012 He was put on lantus 2x a day checked his blood 2x a day but his BG nvr went below 200 Our vet and I did EVERYTHING we could to get him regulated just couldn’t do it…but Bugs was a champ, he nvr let anything bother him. He loved food period even if he was not to have it., he’d sit right in front of you and take his paw and steal from you… he was funny that way..Took him to his next and last vet apt for check up…Vet told me his belly was full of tumors. I lost it. told me I did the best by him and it was time to let go..”whaT do you say to thT”? I looked at Bugs and it was as if he was saying the same thing…”let me go” It took me an hour of holding my baby and asking myself ‘is this the right thing’ Buggsy looked up at me and gave me his look that I only know and than I knew. He was saying ‘it’s time’ I called the vet in signed the papers and held my baby as he looked into my eyes as if to say thank you..He was gone before the vet got all the meds into him…It was the most peacfull death I have ever seen and I kno he is with me still….I wanna Thank the Companions for Animals for doing what they do..THANK YOU FRom Bugs and I!!<3<3 He was 15 years young…

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