Ember came to us in the spring of 2019 at six weeks old, and immediately became the light of our lives. Whether he was quite literally bouncing off the walls, or snuggled close to us in bed, Ember was always a constant source of comfort and companionship, and our love for him grew more and more each day. Ember was the most unique cat you’d ever seen, from his upbeat chirping instead of meowing to his love of bottle caps and Q-tips. Oftentimes we would find ourselves woken up in the middle of the night as he chased around whatever toy had caught his attention that night. Always needing to be included in anything we did, Ember was always by our side the second we walked in the front door and would jump up on our shoulders and ride around as we went about our daily activities. Ember also took it upon himself to join us on the table for every meal hoping for a taste of whatever was on the menu that day, which he often received. At the age of seven months old Ember was diagnosed with asthma, which threw us headfirst into a world of frequent vet visits, ever changing medications, and experimental treatments. Both Ember and us gradually became used to the daily routine of inhalers, pills, and often injections. Through it all, Ember never let his sickness get in the way of his playful attitude and often very energetic lifestyle, and his resilience in the face of such an awful and progressive disease is inspiring. We are especially grateful to all the staff at Eastern Iowa Veterinary and Specialty Clinic for all their help in the last year and a half, their experience and compassion was truly a blessing.