April 13th,  2022, we lost our sweet boy. He was 15 years 7 months and 5 days old, not nearly enough time with him.

We got him and his brother at 6 weeks old, our daughter was 7 and she picked Cuddles out and named him before we made it home with them.

He was such an amazing guy. When my daughter went through her teen years and we would get into disagreements, he would go from one of us to the other trying to defuse the situation.  Also, if my daughter would be crying, he would walk around her once or twice then get into her lap to soothe her.

He loved to snuggle with my husband and take naps with him and was always sitting with him fast asleep while he watched TV.

Cuddles also loved food, and the milk jug rings too.


Since he loved food so much Cuddles became a diabetic 7 years ago and was on insulin twice a day.

We noticed in December 2021 he was always digging his paw in his mouth and decided to get his teeth cleaned. By the middle of February, he wasn’t eating anymore, and was still digging in his mouth. They said he had tonsillitis and was put on antibiotics and pain medicine. By March he started to grow a lump on the underside of his chin and was taken back to the vet where it was discovered that he had an aggressive form of cancer and only had a week to live. But he was so strong and ended up living an additional 4 weeks.

Taking him in that day was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

What an amazing wonderful, sweet boy he was, and I am so grateful he was in our lives as long as he was. (Not nearly long enough)

Cuddles I know I’ll be seeing you again someday and we will all be together again.


Companions for life in Cedar Rapids were so wonderful. Very kind and wonderful to work with.