Duende Kline Misol

10/31/2005 – 6/19/2022

Duende came to us from Nebraska and in true form he was stubborn, brilliant, and willful. He was a Pixie Bob, a breed known for their canine like behaviors. He was a patient for several years beating pancreatitis and diabetes. In all of this he partnered closely with his human Mary and the two continued a bond that even veterinarians remarked on. He always greeted Mary at the back door when she came home (hungry and ready for a meal) and slept by her side for years. Recently Duende was struggling with an illness no clinic could identify but the symptoms were horrific. Pleural effusion, increasing edema and GI issues. Through all the clinic visits he was patient and tolerant. A remarkable cat.

He passed away this morning early unexpectedly, but it was a quick, quiet, peaceful passing. I am forever grateful for this.

Mary is a strong believer in transmigration of the soul and is sure they will meet again.