My dog Zeus.
Zeus came from a Siberian Husky rescue operation in Illinois. Zeus met Bailey (our other dog) and did very well at our home before Bailey’s death. Zeus was an appropriate name for him as he was the god of Stone Oaks. He looked over the ground and protected us from all kinds of vermin. He was a great hunter/gatherer and a wonderful lover of people. He was curious and very smart. Zeus would never show his weakness to his pride. His ailments came on quickly as we were totally unaware due to his positive activity. We returned home sooner than expected thanks to our wonderful house sitter. He waited for our return then plopped down in the dirt and buried his nose in the fresh soil. We sat with him there for quite a while but we knew he was in pain. Zeus died in Dina’s lap on the way to the vet shortly thereafter. The good Lord blessed us with an angel in Zeus. See you on the other side of the rainbow bridge buddy!!